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My cat is on the next door neighbours’ front lawn. It is 1994. My cat is doing a wee. My next door neighbour watches my cat do a wee from the front window of their house. ‘It’s weeing on our lawn again,’ she says to my other next door neighbour. A tank pulls up in the street. A flap opens in the top of the tank. ‘Now there’s a tank outside,’ my next door neighbour says. A man from the army appears through the flap in the top of the tank. He says something to my cat. My cat finishes doing a wee and walks towards the tank. My cat jumps up onto the side of the tank and climbs in through the flap. The flap closes and the tank drives away. The tank drives to a secret underground bunker. The man from the army climbs out of the tank. He carefully carries my cat out of the tank with him. He is holding my cat in the correct manner: one hand around its stomach, the other hand supporting its hind legs. My cat’s tail swishes involuntarily. This means my cat is either angry or anxious about something. The man from the army carefully carries my cat into a large room full of people and puts it on the floor. Everyone in the room looks at my cat. The room is full of world leaders. Any world leaders who couldn’t physically attend the meeting are being beamed in on large conference screens. One of the world leaders begins to speak. ‘We’re in grave trouble,’ the world leader says. ‘The end of the world is nigh,’ another world leader says. My cat’s tail swishes involuntarily. ‘Only you can help us,’ a third world leader says. The world leaders proceed to outline a complicated and dangerous plan for saving the world to my cat. After they are finished outlining the plan, my cat quickly saves the world. All the world leaders cheer. A few hours later, the tank pulls up outside my house and deposits my cat back on the street. My next door neighbour watches my cat walk up the drive. It walks up the drive very slowly, its tail swishing occasionally on the way. My cat walks into my house through the cat flap on the back door, goes up the stairs to my room and immediately falls asleep on the end of my bed.